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personal-website-and-blog-for-professionalsAs a professional, you might have come across someone suggesting that you should have a personal website and you wonder, what for?

Without looking desperate, you are able to effectively use your personal website to achieve the following:

  1. Tell your prospective clients who you are and what you do
  2. Display your Projects – Past, Present and Future
  3. Publish your Profile / CV on your website
  4. Publish your works – articles, papers, books, audios and videos
  5. Sell your physical items, downloadable products and services
  6. Review (professional review of course!) other people’s work
  7. Create and manage a mentorship programme online
  8. Use your blog as a creativity channel
  9. Use your blog as a route to becoming a published author
  10. Use your blog for professional and business networking
  11. Use your blog to share practical knowledge and skills
  12. Use your blog to influence the way people think
  13. Use your blog to share your faith & convictions
  14. Use your blog to establish your authority in your field
  15. Use your blog to motivate people into action
  16. Use your blog for customer support
  17. Use your blog to earn income

Sample Websites and Blogs of Professionals like you

Design, Host and Maintain your Personal Website and Blog with Us

We are able to get your personal website up and running without hassles today. You will enjoy the benefits of a website that is fast, attractive, mobile responsive, always available 24/7, optimized for online visibility and market-ready for e-commerce opportunities. You’ll also enjoy excellent customer service all year round as we are just a call or an email away from you.

Choose any one of the Personal, Pro or Premium plans and let’s get on with your personal website and blog project today.

Personal Plan

Yearly subscription: 100,000

  • yourname.com domain name
  • Unlimited space and bandwidth hosting
  • Unlimited [email protected]
  • Logo design
  • Unlimited pages
  • Standard blog setup
  • Publishing of all your articles, reports and whitepapers on your blog
  • Publishing of all your audio and video contents – lectures, events, advertisements, etc.
  • Social media accounts integration
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Analytics

 Pro Plan

Yearly subscription: 180,000

  • Everything in Personal plan plus the following:
  • Complete branding – Logo, Letterhead (500), Envelopes (200) and Files (20), Complimentary Cards (500), Shirts and Caps (5 pairs), Roll up Banner with Stand (1), Customers’ “thank you” card (200), small stickers (500)
  • E-payment
  • Online store with up to 50 products for sale

Premium Plan

Yearly subscription: 290,000

  • Everything under Pro Plan plus the following:
  • Online store with unlimited products
  • Digital marketing worth ₦70,000 on Google, social media, local listing websites

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