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December is around the corner and just like every other business owner, you want to sell more and gain more to round up the year in a beautiful way. We can help; and that is the reason for publishing this article.

You need a well planned and well focused digital marketing strategy. You need to reach out online to generate high quality leads and convert them to paying customers. You need action; you need sales… you need results.

The following tips will guide you in your bid to increase your sales this end of the year season:


  1. If you don’t have a website, landing page or eCommerce store to sell your services or products, you should get one ASAP! When prospects find your website or landing page online and feel comfortable surfing it, they will seriously consider transacting business with you.
  2. Use social media. Other businesses are selling on social media and are successful at it. You can too. For instance you could list your items one by one on your Facebook shop and promote the shop to targeted leads. 
  3. Use display marketing. Have you ever noticed one time or the other when after making a search for particular products online, you begin to see adverts of that same product displayed everywhere else you go online? You can set up the same for your products and services to interested buyers and boost your sales this end of the year season.
  4. Use re-target marketing. Google Adwords re-marketing and Facebook pixels is a form of online advertising that enables sites to show targeted ads to users who have already visited their site but did not complete any transaction. Re-marketing, also known as re-targeting can dramatically increase your conversion rates and ROI.

Further Tips

  • To host your website with a Nigerian web hosting company, we recommend Utiware. However if you can, Siteground is a great company to host your website with. We recommend Siteground.Web Hosting in Nigeria
  •  It is free to open a Facebook page for your business. From within your Facebook page it is also free to set up your online Facebook shop. If you haven’t done so, kindly login into your Facebook account now and get going.
  • Using Analytics from Google and Facebook, you could know how many people actually visit your website / landing page, how much time they spent there, which page they see, and other valuable data that will help you make great marketing decisions. Visit http://analytics.google.com for Google analytics and for Facebook analytics, visit https://analytics.facebook.com. Based on the data you get from analytics, you will be able to create digital marketing campaigns that sell.

Bottom-line: Your customers are online and you should take your business to them there.

On your request, we could manage the digital marketing for you so that you can concentrate on sales. Or if you prefer, we could train you so you can handle your digital marketing by yourself.

To speak with someone about using digital marketing to boost your sales, kindly call 0810-402-2323 or send an email to [email protected]

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