How do we charge?

For smooth delivery, we divide our charges into two – service cost and service charge. The service cost is the expenses that must be made to get the job done. The service charge is what you pay for our skills, expertise and time spent on your job.

We charge N3,000 per hour of work. So, if we spend only two hours on your job, you pay N6,000. For 10 hours you pay N30, 000 and for 100 hours, you pay N300, 000 and so on.

5% discount apply for every 50 hours of work we do for you.

How do you pay?

You pay 100% of the service cost and part of the service charge at the beginning. On completion and delivery of your job, you pay the balance.

Can I have an idea of how much my project will cost?

Yes and here is it:

An estimate for very reliable web hosting for a corporate website is about N30, 000 per year and it will take us 40 – 60 hours of work to deliver a great job. That gives an estimate of about N145,000 – N151,000.

For a start-up eCommerce website, we recommend a hosting plan of around N56,000 per year. If you have up to 1000 products to stock in your ecommerce store, it will take us upward of 100 hours to do a nice job with the designing,
programming, graphics and inventory.

How about an idea on Google and Social Media?

How much you spend depends on your budget. For instance on facebook you can advertise your stuff for as low as N1,000 to as much as 1,900 – 3,000 prospects. Also in Google Adwords, you can go as low as $5 per day. However, the more you are able to invest the better your ROI.

For a small digital marketing project, we spend upwards of 20 hours on planning and strategy so that you can get the best result from your ad campaign. The exact amount of time we spend however depends on the scope of your project. It will be contained in our quote.

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