Would you join us as we empower orphans in our community with digital skills?

We call them "TREASURES".

Our goal is to train and mentor 200 TREASURES to earn online in foreign currency, by December 2024.

The Plan

We teach our TREASURES from basic & general computer trainings to highly specialised courses that will help them work as professionals.


Each treasure will be trained/mentored between 6 months and 2 years until desired result is achieved.

Global Positioning

We love our treasures to be able to work for brands across the globe without limiting barriers.


We are happy to partner with well meaning individuals & brands to achieve monetization for these TREASURES.

A portion of our earnings is set aside for this.

As a responsible brand, we have chosen to align our CSR projects with SDG goals 1,2,3,4,10, 16 and 17 to promote increased opportunity and quality of life for orphans, which we prefer to call “TREASURES”, because that’s who they are. They are Treasures to us.


We Identify

We partner with NGOs and Treasure Homes to locate our program beneficiaries.


We enrol

We conduct basic test to arrange the beneficiaries into phases of the program


We train & mentor

We schedule and commence the training/mentoring. Our end goal is that the beneficiary should start working and earning online.

Partner with Us

We welcome volunteer tutors and donors.

Our TREASURES need laptops, projectors, smartphone and internet subscriptions for this project.

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