Enjoying the benefits of digital marketing in 2019

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digital marketing in nigeria

Hey, its 2019! Congratulations!! How can you grow your business and career with digital marketing this year?

Digital marketing will definitely help many hundreds and thousands of people in Nigeria and indeed all over the world to break through more grounds and scale up their business and career this year. Will you like to be one of them?

If your answer is yes, you’ve got some work to do, some decisions to make and some sacrifices to make. Will you? As you know, things don’t just happen, people make them happen.

The Two Possible Paths you can follow in your Digital Marketing Journey this Year:

To be able to benefit from and enjoy the opportunities for growth and expansion that digital marketing offer in 2019, you have two options. The first is to outsource your digital marketing tasks to agencies like ours; and the second option is to be trained so that you and/or your team members can do it. Now, which one do you prefer? Make a decision now.

Use all available Digital Marketing Platforms to your Advantage

The digital marketing platforms are those places where people (your prospects / customers) go online to relax and while away the time, chat with friends and family, search for answers and solutions or simply network.

They include Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google, Google+, Nairaland, Jiji, Vconnect and other niche-specific platforms. You should be using and maximizing the free and premium services of these platforms effectively for your business and career in 2019. There are ways to it without breaking the rules of your profession.

Download and Use the Digital Marketing Mobile Apps that Benefit your Business and Career

All the above digital marketing platforms and more have mobile apps that help you easily work on them from your Smartphone and mobile devices. It will make a lot of sense for you to download them and begin to get used to them so that at your free time and even at bedtime, you can consistently use these mobile apps to increase your visibility and relevance in the market place.

During our digital marketing trainings, we show participants how to work on these platforms from both their computers (on the web) and their mobile app.

You need a Responsive Website that is SEO Optimized and Market-Ready

Businesses at all levels need at least one website. Hope you have one? If not, you should get yours in this year 2019, and even right away. Without a website, any business operating in your niche with a website is a step ahead of you and cashing in on your weaknesses. And depending on your business, what you need may be a website, blog, e-commerce or any combination of the three.

And if your past investment in your website has not yielded and nobody has ever bought from you or consulted you because they found your website by themselves, there are two possible reasons for that. Either your website design (website architecture) was not properly structured to drive customer action or the SEO (search engine optimization) done on your website was inadequate. Basically, you are not advertising and/or converting well.

We are able to look into your website to see if a redesign is required, or if it’s the SEO that needs to be further worked on. And if you do not have a website at all, you can trust us with your market-ready website, blog and e-commerce project today.

You need to Create Lots of Content for Online Distribution this Year

Effective digital marketing requires consistently creating contents that inform, educate and entertain the target audience; content that answer the target audience questions and solve their problems (or at least show them how the problem can be solved).

These contents may be written (text), graphics (images, illustrations, animations), audio or video recording. You need to create a lot of it this year. It is your content that people will see online before they relate and transact with you.

There is an increased preference for video contents online, globally. So it is best practices to also roll out lots of short video contents for your business or organisation this year.

Free 15 Minutes Digital Marketing Phone Consultation with YEMIPIDAN & CO

As a way of saying thank you for reading this post, we offer you a free 15 minutes phone consultation anytime between 9:00am – 5:00pm Nigerian Time (GMT +1).

To book a session, call +234 810 402 2323 now.

During this session you can ask all your questions relating to this post and especially how you can maximize the growth opportunities which digital marketing offers your business and career this year.

Digital Marketing helps you to stay ahead of the Competition

There are many other people who do exactly what you do and are competing for the attention of your target market online. In other to stand out, you’ve got to understand how digital marketing works better than them and implement winning strategies to your advantage.

We are here to help you all the way if you are willing to get in touch today.


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