Nurturing and Converting your Prospective Customers to Paying Customers

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prospects to buyers

More often than not, prospective customers will not buy from you the very first time they see your brand or products. Apart from the fact that you need to show up before them several time for your brand to stick to their minds, these prospects will also naturally want to compare yours with other competing brands before making a decision to patronize or not to patronize you. This is why it is very important for every business that desire to grow their customer base to put strategies in place to attract, nurture and convert more prospective customers to paying customers.

You need winning strategies that help to nurture and convert prospective customers to paying customers.

1. Find your prospective customers; and also make it easy for them to find you.

Your prospective customers are clustered somewhere and you need to go there. Your prospects are searching for what you have and you need to show up before them more often than your competitors.

They are on Google searching for solutions to issues that trouble them, searching for answers to their questions, searching for how to meet their demand for comfort and luxury. They are on social media; they are busy with their emails and mobile apps.

This is why it is important to put certain structures in place for your business. These structures include

  • A website and blog optimized for online visibility and conversion
  • Strong and active social media engagements
  • Complete digital marketing services – SEO, SEM, SMM, email marketing, video marketing, local listings, etc

These things are not what you do once and hands off. You need a stable digital partner that will continuously work on it every other day until desired results are achieved and desired target met and surpassed. We at YEMIPIDAN & CO are more than excited to work with your brand.

2. Keep in constant touch, and add value to them for free.

Everything you do in “1” above must be channeled such that those prospects willingly make it easy for you to keep in touch with them by supplying their names, email, phone number or any information that will help you reach them after that first contact. If you miss this step, all the effort put into “1” above is most likely not going to yield much result. And this is the fundamental reason many brands, especially those within the SME-scale are yet to enjoy the full benefits of digital marketing. Many times, they are not ruthless about retrieving contact details in their marketing efforts.

As you grow the contact list of your prospective customers, you should find ways to add value to them in your effort to win them over. Share information with them, listen and answer their questions, offer some help, etc. The aim of all these is to occupy them and stamp your brand to their heart whenever they think about your niche. The objective is to get them to love and trust your brand until they are willing to exchange their hard earned money for your products and services.

And you see, beautiful enough, most of these continuous engagements can be automated, thereby giving you enough time to commit to actual sales.

3. Sell to them

There comes a time in your engagement with your prospect where it becomes very okay to ask them to buy what you sell. Because you have built relationship with them over time, they won’t snap at you. And you can juice it up with mouth-watering discounts, sales promo, bonuses, etc with deadlines to get them to rush to pay.

Because you have built relationship with them over time, they won’t snap at you.

The amount of sales you will generate with this approach will by far beat what you will generate if all you do is just to market to the general public and pray. You need to narrow down from the general public to those who have interest in what you offer; and even narrow further down to those who have money to pay for your products. These are the right people to ask to buy now! The more of such people you have, the more sales you are able to generate for your business. So you see, you cannot underestimate the power of having in place strategies to nurture and convert your prospective customers to paying customers.

At YEMIPIDAN & CO, complete digital marketing services are our job. We are more than excited and able to work with you to grow your customer base, sales and revenue. Why not contact us today?



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