Thoughtful Content Marketing can do the magic

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While your prospects and leads are taking their time to check out different vendors, what can you do to influence them to choose your brand over others? Because everyday sales are made! If you are not selling, it simply means that your competitors are the ones making all the sales. People buy what you sell every day.

An article published earlier already covered the three stages people go through before they choose between you and your competitors. But our focus here is at the consideration stage.

While your prospects are busy calling their family and friends to recommend trustworthy vendors, or using the social media / Google to find alternatives – watching how-to videos, reading blog posts, visiting websites and sending email enquiries, you need to get your own content in front of them too. While they make their search for solutions, you need to let them find the solutions from you too. And when they are busy looking for reputable brands to trust with their precious project, you need to let them see your brand as the one. This is why you need to thoughtfully create content that will resonate with your prospects. You need to put out contents that will answer their questions, solve their problems or at least show them how it will be solved. You need to put out genuine content that will give you a strong brand reputation. You need thoughtful content that can do the magic and convert more prospects to paying customers.

So you don’t just advertise and stop there because that only takes care of the awareness stage. You also need to create content that will take care of the consideration stage. This way, you will be able to increase the number of prospect who will choose you as their preferred vendor.

What Content? You may ask.

Blog Post:

This allows you to educate, enlighten, inform, persuade and influence your prospects’ perception of your brand in a way that is generally acceptable in decent business environment. Those leads will continue to read your post and start to like and prefer you because you are adding value to them. And this singular effect will increase their chances of buying from you soonest.

 Action Step

You can start a free blog with or if you love to try things out first before committing your hard earned money into it. However, self hosted blogs help your brand reputation a lot in the market place. Our pocket friendly packages and pricing for blogging and website services can help you get started.

Videos and Audios:

A how-to video, a cause-effect-solution video on something relevant to your product/services which resonates with your prospects and even current customers; or a simple video describing the features and benefits of your products and services may change the perception people have about your brand positively and lure them to become paying customers.

Action Step:

While video production is part of our Content Marketing Services at YEMIPIDAN & CO, you may like to get more information about video production in the following two links. And note that producing quality videos do not really have to be overly expensive all the time.

How to Create Outstanding Video Content on a Budget –

Create videos on a budget –

People now spend more time seeing videos online than reading, and so consistently producing short, light weight videos can do the magic in your content marketing strategy.


In addition to blog posts and videos, there are lots of other content marketing channels available you can use to your benefit. They include eBook publishing (free and paid as well), publishing of reports / whitepapers, email marketing, podcasting, webinars, happy customers’ reviews, testimonials, etc. It all depends on what works best with your target. If you get in touch we could help you find out what your target audiences prefer to engage with more often amongst the available options.

And what should be the content of the content marketing?

Tell stories that create an emotional connection.

Buying decisions are shaped by two things: stories told and the memories they leave behind.

The foundational intent of all content is to attract, engage and ultimately convert your ideal customers.

Get your Content Out!

Finally, ensure that the content you’ve created reach your target audience. They are the reasons you’ve produced them in the first place, so why not? Use the social media platforms, search engines – both search engine optimization and search engine paid marketing; and all available digital marketing channels that resonate with your target audience. In this regard, we can help.


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