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At the end of the training you will be able to:
  1. Help brands achieve page #1 appearance (both organic and paid ads) on Google and other search engines for relevant key words. 
  2. Launch and manage professional marketing campaigns for brands on all the major social media platforms.
  3. Advertise product and services in other people’s mobile apps.
  4. Create and manage successful email marketing campaigns for brands.
  5. Create and edit videos professionally for marketing purpose.
  6. Run successful YouTube marketing for videos.
  7. Design and maintain any type of website, blog, e-commerce site, landing/squeeze/opting page, sales funnel all by yourself using WordPress.
  8. Make money online as a creator and as a brand
  9. Set up a consulting agency for yourself OR add more value to your CV and competitive advantage in the marketplace if that’s what you want.
What you will learn
  1. Web design, blog and e-commerce: we will teach you how to develop websites, blogs and e-commerce sites using WordPress
  2. Web analytics: this class covers integrating your website with Google search console and Google analytics so you can know how many people visit your website, how they use it and other valuable informattion that will help you to improve your conversion rate. We will do this and much more using the Google Site Kit.
  3. Search engine optimization (SEO): we will teach you how to make your website and brand appear on Google page #1 for relevant search keywords.
  4. Google Ads (pay-per-click): this class covers how to set up paid adverts on Google. These ads are what you see in Gmail, mobile apps, Google search result pages, YouTube and millions other websites across the web.
  5. Social media marketing (SMM): here we teach you how to advertise on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. Also, how to maximize the marketing and sales opportunities available via WhatsApp and Telegram Channels.
  6. Content marketing: here we teach you how to position your brand as the winner with carefully made content that appeal to both the target audience for high conversion rate and to the search engines for page #1 visibility.
  7. Mobile app marketing: this topic shows you how to use Google Ads to target your audience when they are working within their mobile apps.
  8. AdSense and AdMob revenue from your blog and mobile app: we will show you how to make money online through Google Adsense and Admob
  9. Affiliate marketing: this module demystify affiliate marketing. You will be able to identify products to promote and earn commission per sale.
  10. Freelancing: we will show you opportunities to work as a professional for people on project basis and get paid online without necessarily attaching yourself permanently to anyone. Your clients may be closeby or offshore… distance is never a barrier. Have you, in the past, thought of getting jobs from Fiverr or Upwork?
  11. Dropshipping and Arbitrage business models: this class shows you how to source for products at manufacturer price, promote and sell it at retail price and keep the margin. This business model has a benefit of not requiring you to take any inventory of what you sell.
  12. Sales Funnel: we will show you how to generate massive leads, nurture them and convert them to paying customers through your own sales funnel.
  13. Local referral sales commission: we have introduced this module to help you take advantage of the opportunities around you. Everyday people sell lands, cars, houses, household items, manufactured products… we will show you how to generate sales for them online and earn income. You may never need to look for a job after taking this module.
  14. Graphics Design: You will learn how to create beautiful graphics for your projects.
  15. How to Make Money Online: You will learn how to harness the above skills to earn sustainable income by working strictly online. This will position you for a life of comfort, no matter how much others complain that there is no job in the country.

You will get certification from Global institutions like Google, Facebook, etc.

Duration: 60 hours
Cost: ₦ 250,000

There are endless employment as well as job creation opportunities for everyone who is digitally empowered. During your training experience, we will guide you to harness many global onsite, hybrid and remote job opportunities in digital marketing while at the same time guiding you to carve a niche for yourself as a digital creator with the goal of making money online.

“Ignoring online marketing is like opening a business but not telling anyone.”

– KB Marketing Agency

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