An open letter to every business owner who wants to have a business that runs smoothly and profitably whether he/she is there or not.

I was tired of poor and problematic customers in my business, so I sought for more practical knowledge. Here is what I found which in turn helped me:

If your business is

  1. always attracting the wrong kind of people or
  2. the price that the few customers you beg to patronize you are willing to pay is poor, or
  3. you are always busy as the business owner with little or nothing to show for it, or
  4. your business cannot function if you are not physically involved,
then your business structure is faulty; and that is your fault. The first step to getting out of this situation is to take responsibility and be ready to do the needful to correct the faulty business structure you have created for yourself.

The solution is to restructure/redesign your business processes and operations; a little here a little there. This is the reason the FSTF Program was developed!
FSTF = From Struggling to Flourishing

The FSTF is a 3 phase program.

  • Phase 1: Knowledge + New Community
  • Phase 2: Mentoring
  • Phase 3: Spiritual Intervention

Phase 1: Knowledge + New Community

At this stage, you will invest a token to acquire new knowledge and join a new community of business owners like you where relevant and related issues are discussed and solutions created.

  • You will purchase my book – From Struggling To Flourishing for a token of $4 or it’s equivalent in your local currency. Devour the book and implement every single instruction contained therein. I expect you to get some positive and tangible result.

  • Join my WhatsApp/Telegram Community. The book contains the link to join the community at no extra cost to you. We will be holding bi-weekly business meetings in the community for the growth of every member’s business.

Phase 2: Mentoring

If you have proof that you have implemented all that the book as well as the business community meetings teach you and yet you are getting no result or poor result, then you will be admitted for the mentoring phase.

During this phase, you will be assigned up to 2 one-on-one session with my team to look critically into your specific business case and come up with solutions that should work for you.

This mentoring stage will cost you $10 for administrative charges and is subject to our availability as everyone who shows interest will be placed on queue.

I believe that many businesses that failed to yield to your efforts in phase 1 will be redesigned/restructured to start delivering impressive result in this phase 2.

Phase 3: Spiritual Intervention

Any situation that defies our phase 1 and phase 2 engagement with you must be a matter of spiritual concern. Wherever you are in any part of the world, you will be able to connect to our FSTF Prayer Meetings online where we will be trusting the Lord Jesus Christ to bring solution to your situation.

The FSTF Prayer Meetings are strictly by invitation for those who, having gone through our phase 1 and phase 2, cannot yet lay hands on tangible business progress, growth and expansion.

Many things could be responsible for stagnation and failures in life but God is capable of bringing an end to all problems of life if you find yourself at this stage and believe in Him to help you.

Join Now

Does the FSTF Program looks like what you need right now? Then sign up today. Hopefully, by the time you are through with the phase 1, you will be satisfied with the results you get.

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