Get a Remote Job and Earn in Foreign Currency.

You need to stop depending on people who don't place premium on the services you render and start looking for better and more premium clients if you don't want to be stranded as a business owner or service provider. 


You need to reposition yourself to live beyond the economy of your country and work as a global citizen.


Everything is now possible with the internet and the right information at your disposal. Who says you can't live in Nigeria and work for a company in Brazil?

Stop Playing Local in your service business. Stop blaming government for lack of jobs. There are thousands of jobs online for remote workers begging for you to apply for them.

Avoid wasting your time with individuals who suddenly become unavailable or prioritize personal activities over paying you for your services promptly. It's essential to steer clear of people who make you feel as if they are granting you a favor when it comes to compensating you for the hard work you've put into your tasks.

Some individuals, in the name of caution or scrutinizing the quality of your work, may delay timely payments for services rendered. The excuses can go on and on.

Instead, focus on working online for individuals and organizations abroad who appreciate your skills and are committed to compensating you fairly and punctually.

What will you be doing when you finally japa?

What are you doing abroad if you have already travelled out?

Seriously consider being mentored into remote job. It will pay your bills and build your dreams without the usual hustle that second class citizens face in foreign lands. I believe you understand what I am talking about.

Join Our 30 Days Remote JOb Training and Mentoring Program.

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